Hi, my name is Acooba.

I am a homemaker.

For over 25 years, I've been fully engaged in designing, creating, and building a healthy family lifestyle. This has included maintaining a vegetarian diet, practicing homeschooling and pursuing a rich spiritual life. Recently, I've felt a strong “calling” to share the lessons I've learned and the tools I've developed.

This website, built by my amazing and talented daughter Marina, is a tool to help me share with you; and it’s also a window through which you can peek to catch glimpses of my continued growth and evolution as a wife and mother.

My adventures with Vegetarian Living began in the late 1980s, while I was an undergraduate student at UCLA, learning about the impact my dietary choices had on the world around me and on my own health.

My husband and I married young (I was 19), and together we raised 4 children - completely vegetarian from birth. We took the road less traveled in other ways as well: homeschooling all the children; practicing heart-to-heart parenting and discipline (NO spanking!); practicing meditation; and maintaining a strong, committed union despite our early start.

Today our two oldest children are college graduates (with honors!); our third is a college student (straight A’s!); and our “baby” - just entering the teen years - is already an accomplished pianist.

I've recently published a recipe collection: Pie Cups on Parade, which is newly available as an eBook, and I also have a few tutorials available. Very close to my heart is my upcoming essay: 10 Myths About Discipline.

You can find me around the country at events like Veggie Fest in Chicago, and I invite you to contact me about participating in your events, if you are interested in private classes or consultations, or to share your ideas and experiences.

Be well and happy!