30 years of Plant-Based Family Life have been quite the adventure, and wow - the world sure has changed in that time!! Back when Acooba and Michael started their journey together, there were not many resources (and often not much tolerance and understanding) for those who made this lifestyle choice. So they set their hearts and minds to designing and creating a healthy and happy home life: following a plant-based diet, homeschooling, and pursuing a rich spiritual life.

Today there are many more resources available (All hail Vegan Cheese and Vegan Ice-Cream!!), but this lifestyle choice still presents a challenge. Acooba.com is here to help, with recipes, tips and techniques to support YOUR plant-based journey!!

Dr. Acooba Scott is an experienced educator, as well as an accomplished vegan chef and baker, with decades (literally) of experience developing and perfecting recipes, figuring out strategies to sustain a plant-based lifestyle, and of course, cooking for her family and others.

Each year Acooba presents dozens of workshops, demos and cooking classes to those interested in pursuing a vegan lifestyle, and others who are curious about veganism, or simply want to incorporate more plant-based eating into their daily lives. Whether you’re a new, aspiring or long-time vegan, Accoba can help to make your plant-based lifestyle deliciously sustainable!

So try out a recipe (or ten), and keep up with all the fun on Instagram.

Dr. Acooba Scott earned her Doctorate in Education at UCLA in 2002. Her training in education as well as her love for cooking and passion for vegan living have shaped her into the perfect resource for learning about, supporting and sustaining vegan lifestyles.

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